Welcome to my world, a world of Photography of Nature, Wildlife and Fine Art.

My name is Elad Koren, I reside in Israel and I have 3 amazing children. I am a student of life, a life in which the Camera and I are travelling in different regions, as wild as they come, and together we collect memories.

“Getting Lost” is a concept which has defined me since childhood. I have always been looking for the ways where moments reflect life itself. The essence of photography does just that for me. The knack of “Getting Lost” endows me with inspiration when I am out there, far away from mundane urban life where small things call me and invite me to a journey and a dialogue, with myself in particular. There I find the unique, what is special to me; there I succeed to convey feelings – exactly as I experience it at the moment of documentation, where I find new opportunities, There I breath.

I have always liked photographing. Notwithstanding, life has taken me to all kinds of directions. The onset of maturity came at a quite tender age, when I became a professional soccer player, a career which lasted 14 years, in which I have continuously peaked new heights. World travel granted me the opportunity to combine my great passion, photography, with soccer. There felt I have made new records, as exciting and meaningful as my career on the green fields.

I have moved on from soccer to the Hi-Tech industry, where I’ve started at the bottom of the ladder and made my way up through the years with experience and expertise. At later stages I have manned senior management positions, and have filled the station of Vice President, entailing a vast scope of responsibilities. I have always aspired to direct the nature of the posts I have undertaken, to posts which combine world travel. This combination, enabled me to continue my romance with the world of photography and I have been fortunate to spend time in numerous exotic locations, the kind of which people can only dream off.

The great turning point took place following a journey to Africa, in the course of which I have come to the conclusion, it is now or never. That was the point in time where I have decided to follow my dream. I have been spending most of my time in the place where I feel at home, where my soul is clean, where I feel most connected to myself, where I succeed in expressing my inner feelings to the outer world, the feeling which I feel while photographing.

From the moment I have decided to embark upon the world of photography, I’ve realized that the road I made in both my former careers, was always the same. I had to start each time to build up everything from almost scratch just as I had to do with photography. Now days, my year is divided in two. I spend half of the year in photographing voyages, mostly in Africa, in the course of which I photograph and document the animals and research the respective and unique character and behavior. I present my work in Israel and overseas. I have won prizes in international photography competitions and my work is sold worldwide. I ‘m conducting wildlife workshops and I lecture for different audiences and share with them my experience from the voyages I make in Nature, Moreover, over the last couple of months, I’ve been organizing small groups of photography expeditions to Africa.

Should I put it all in a nutshell, the most important lesson I have learned in  my life is that one should always be attentive to one’s self, be sufficiently brave to make a change and to dare. Otherwise everything in this life will remain just a dream.

Would not that be a shame?!